Saturday, July 4, 2009

Some of Our Flowers

We love our flowers. Columbine is one of my favorites, but I can't leave out the Bergamot, better known as Bee's Balm. It's the strange looking flower in the third picture. I love the smell.

This is Yarrow. It spreads like wild fire, so you have to work hard to contain it in a specific area. Both Yarrow and Bee's Balm are herbs that have been used for medical purposes.

Hollyhocks are not my favorite flower and almost impossible to get rid of. They are pretty in bloom, but the bottom flowers die, leaving an ugly stalk up to the top where there are still flowers in bloom. There were Hollyhocks all over the place at one time, and they're still coming up unexpectedly.

The lilies are beautiful. WE have many others that haven't bloomed yet. Maybe there will be more pictures to come.


Aunt Dinah said...

What lovely flowers. The hollyhocks remind me of Grandma Smarty. I didn't care for them when I was a kid but love them now as an old-time, old-fashioned flower.

Mary said...

I really like bee balm too. Mine didn't come back and I wasn't able to find any this year to replace it.