Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Faith

From comments on Faith blog:

Sounds to me as if Grandma Smarty dodged the question. Were you questioning the concept of God when you asked the question? Or were you expressing a genuine curiosity about something that mystified you? Would an answer such as "God is eternal. God has always been and will always be" have come closer to answering the question for you then or now?

I think I was questioning the concept of God, the possibility or impossibility of God, the science of religion and the Mystery. I don't remember why I asked the question, but I imagine that I was doubting the existence of a god. Grandma's answer was quite sufficient at the time because of the doubt I was probably feeling. The answer that God is eternal and has always been and will always be just wouldn't have satisfied the question of whether God is real or not. In this world, everything comes from somewhere, so where did God come from? Just where is the beginning, and how did it start? Even science can't answer this question for me with the Big Bang Theory because each element involved in the Big Bang Theory had to come from somewhere. I believe that Grandma was right. There are some things you just have to have faith in. Without that faith, you can't possibly believe.

What do all of you readers think?

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Alexis said...

Being the rational person that I am, I have had certain doubts. It's hard for me to understand something like "God" because there is no actual proof that He exists. All of the belief lies in faith, and that makes me slightly skeptical. I believe that there is something bigger out there- I am just not sure anybody really knows what it is. I have always seen the bible as more of a way of life than anything. It is a guide to morals and ethics. The way I see it is that whether or not a person believes is not important, it is how he or she lives life and makes daily decisions. Being a good person is what matters- not beliefs- whatever afterlife exists will be one that rewards based on how a person lived his or her life. I have faith in that.