Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Okay, I have neglected my blog. It's a busy time of the year for me, I guess. The garden is beautiful this year. Al brought in the first head of broccoli today, and it is wonderful! Just perfect! I'm going to use it in a salad on Father's Day with lettuce, spinach, onions and radishes from the garden. I have strawberries galore. I've frozen then, made jam, rhubarb/strawberry jam, rhubarb pie, milk shakes and had some on ice cream. They're still coming strong so there's plenty of work ahead of me there. They're my mom's favorite fruit, so I'll take them to the Father's Day BBQ we're having at my sister Jackie's. The first crop of beets are close to being done so I'll soon be making some pickled beets. I just couldn't make enough last year because of people who were wanting to buy them. I'm sad because we won't have any peaches this year. We've had them two years in a row, but they didn't make it past the frost in early spring. The cherry tree is producing for the first time, but it's a little tree. I'll be stingy with them. Keep them for us. The Mulberry trees are loaded. I've never done anything with them before, but I found a recipe for a mulberry pie that I think I'll try this year. If it's good, I'll put some in the freezer.

I think all the rain we have gotten has done the garden good and has also kept the water bill from rising so high. I can't complain at all about the rain. Last night we did get some pea size hail, not very much. It didn't harm the garden or trees.

I've also been putting more time in at work. I go to the local restaurant and help them out on Friday's, but business has been picking up so I've put in more time there. I enjoy doing it because I get to know the people in this area a little better. I just got home form work and think it's time to take a little nap before I start on the strawberries again.

Happy gardening all you gardeners out there!

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