Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another Thought

Just remembered another story about John. I don't think he has my blog addy. Too bad.

One time, our sister Jackie had a date with a guy, and John wanted to go with them. Well, of course, Jackie wouldn't hear of it. Who wants baby brother tagging along on a date?

Jackie and her date got in the car to leave, headed down the road and were quite surprised when John popped up from the floor in the back seat. He should have waited until they were further down the road. They brought him back home.

One time we were having a pretty heavy snow storm. Mom and Dad decided to go to the neighbors for a while and told Jackie and I to watch John, that they wouldn't be gone for very long. We watched him.......walk out the door and head across the pasture. We had to call the neighbor's and tell Mom and Dad that John wouldn't listen to us and had left the house. Talk about scared. They were out in the storm hunting for John. He did get home, safe and sound.

We had a gas stove in the basement. One winter, my dad drove a truck to make extra money to get us through the year. The crops hadn't been too good that year. The stove in the basement went out, so Mom had to go downstairs to start it as Jackie and I slept in the basement.

What a scary sound when we heard an explosion coming from the basement, then Mom came walking up the stairs with all of her eyebrows singed off.

The winter that Dad was gone was a rough one. There was a blizzard that totally covered our doors and windows. We couldn't get out. One of the outlets in the house let off some sparks, and Mom just knew the house was going to burn down. She was able to get hold of Grandpa John, and he made his way through the storm to dig us out of the house.

Now I'm thinking of all kinds of stories. I'll make a note so I don't forget them and write them up later. I hope I don't lose the note and forget.

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Aunt Dinah said...

You should be sure and copy these memories and save 'em for posterity.