Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just a Few Thoughts

Just a few thoughts:

As for the Black/White issue people seem to have with Obama as President, I'm tired of that. People are people. Besides, everyone focuses on the Black and forget that he is also White. He was raised in a White family.

Obama talks of creating jobs by improving highways, schools, parks, etc. When these jobs are created, the unemployed people have jobs, pay taxes, which brings in much more money for the government, and helps to keep our country in good condition. When this happens, it helps the government by providing tax money. Our country is in dire need of improvements in many of these areas but without the government help cannot afford them. What individual would invest in these things without getting something monetary in return? Our country can not remain as one of the top countries in the world if we don't take care of what we have worked so hard to get. Our education system is not great right now. It is extremely important that we pay teachers what they are worth and provide great learning centers for our children. Our children are our future.

Our "war machine" needs to be supported and kept up. We do need to spend the money more efficiently. It makes me sick to hear where much of the money went without any questions asked, ie Haliburton as an example. I don't believe in war but I do believe in protecting what is ours. The war in Iraq was and still is a ridiculous war. I'm happy to hear that our troops are beginning to withdraw. The Afghanistan issue will continue, but hopefully, it will be handled more diplomatically instead of exclusively with guns. I see in Obama a man who can work with other countries without compromising our safety which is something we desperately need.

Don't do away with SS. Privatizing it will only put the poor/middle class into needing more help when they retire. When a person has the choice of putting food on the table and a roof over their heads and saving for retirement, they will choose the first. By creating jobs, we are using a trickle up philosophy.

The one difference that shines with Obama is the optimistic attitude that he has and the effect it has on the people. Hope has come back into the picture.

Things won't get better overnight. I liked that Obama talked about students volunteering to help pay for their education. Once again, it will help to improve our country as well as the individual.

I hope that Obama does go through all the departments to see where things can be done away with or cut. Spending in these departments needs to be looked at seriously. It's ridiculous what the government pays for simple items when they can get them much cheaper.

Pork barreling is still happening, but not as badly as it has in the past. Hopefully, Obama can get rid of them, too, but it will take time.

I have much more hope for our country today than I did a year ago.

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Aunt Dinah said...

Hear, hear! It's such a relief to have a president who is intelligent, articulate, visionary, and in touch with ordinary people. The next few years won't be easy for President Obama or for the rest of us, but I have confidence he'll successfully lead us through whatever lies ahead.