Saturday, February 7, 2009

Just Fun Memories

I was complaining on Facebook that I didn't have anything I wanted to blog about right now, and Mary suggested I make up a story about my brother John. I don't have to make up a story.....he provides me with lots of entertainment.

Then I get another note from Dinah and she says I should tell about Johnny getting chased around the school house on the last day of school.

Well, that story was quite funny. John and his friend Bobby were just young students. They had read a book about Mrs. Beasley, I think that was her name, and they decided it would be fun to call their teacher Mrs. Beasley. Well, the teacher was a man and not the brightest teacher we had ever had. This was in a one-room schoolhouse with 8 grades all having the same teacher.

John and Bobby started to tease Mr. White by calling him Mrs Beasley in a sarcastic way. He didn't take to that too lightly and told them to stop. Would they stop? Nooooooooo. They continued to call him Mrs. Beasley until he got so angry that he began to chase them around the school building. The boys just ran and hollered Mrs. Beasley, Mrs. Beasley. Such a sight to see a male teacher chasing these two boys around the school house. I don't remember if he ever did catch them.

Mr. White was a city man stuck in a country school out in the middle of nowhere. One dark, foggy day, the Moore twins decided it would be fun to scare him. While looking out the window, they saw a coyote run across a field. "Mr. White! Mr. White! There's a wolf running around outside!" Mr. White looked out the window and saw the coyote, but not really knowing the difference, he thought it was a wolf. The boys went on to tell them that the wolf was a Werewolf stalking the school and would kill them all. Well, we weren't allowed to go outside for fear the big bad wolf might get us. We stayed in the schoolhouse until our parents came to get us.

Another time, I had gotten a new chemistry set for Christmas and decided to take it to school. During recess, Charles and I stayed in the school house to play with the chemistry set, and what do you think we chose to do? Burn Sulfur! Oh, the school house began to smell like rotten eggs. When the kids came in from recess, Mr. White was sure that we were going to poison all the kids with the smell, so he opened all the windows and we all got an extended recess.

Yet another time, Bob and Dick, the twins, decided to change signs around in the school. They turned the signs on the girls a boys restrooms around and then proceeded to disconnect the wires in the school bell. Mr. White was not pleased with the change of signs, but even funnier, when he decided to ring the bell for recess to be over, the bell wouldn't work so the kids just kept on playing until he was finally able to round them up by hollering at them. That poor man! It's no wonder that he only taught at the school for one year. I'm surprised he made it that long.

We had a teacher at the school named Mrs. Rippe. Grandpa John made up a cool poem for us to use when speaking of her.

We have a leaky faucet,
Drip, drip, drippy.
It reminds me of my teacher,
Mrs. Rip, Rip, Rippe.

Not so much on the funny side, I remember one of the boys bringing some shotgun shells to school. They decided it might be fun to throw one against the brick school house. I don't think they ever dreamed that the shell might go off, but it did. Luckily, no one was hurt, but it sure did scare us.

This is enough for today. Hope you enjoy.


Mary said...

Good stories, keep it up. Did Grandma Faber ever let you smoke? Mike told of her letting him & Johnny smoke coffee grounds rolled in newspaper. I guess it was discourage future smoking?

Aunt Dinah said...

I'd forgotten about some of this stuff until I read it in your blog. I sure hope Mr. White doesn't read what you wrote. Didn't he stop in Brewster a few years ago?

Aunt Dinah said...

Forgot to say I LOVE the photo of Johnny. He could be a brat at times, but most of the time he was a pretty good kid. Guess the same could have been said for all of us. =o)