Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mary mentioned a memory Mike had...and it was exactly correct. Grandma Faber used to let us kids smoke coffee grounds, or in my case tea leaves. I don't know if this was to discourage future smoking or just to satisfy our curiosity.

This did bring up something that my daughter Julie told me. Sajid and Julie decided to go to the show one day, and they decided it would be great fun to take their coffee/tea cigarettes with them. They sat in the show, lit up their cigarettes and it wasn't long before they were kicked out of the movie. Someone thought they were smoking marijuana! Funny she didn't tell me about it until just recently.

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Julie said...

LOL either Saj got busted in the theater twice or it was me with him that time. We went to see Supergirl and to this day I haven't seen that movie we were kicked out before the first 15 minutes were up. The man that busted us said he was an off duty cop and we were lucky he wanted to see the show and if we leave he'll let us go. We laughed all the way back to Grandma's about how surprised he would be to find our "marijuana" was tea leaves.