Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This is a picture of my great, great, great grandmother Rachael Poorman Baird, wife to Benjamin Baird shown below.

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Benjamin and Rachel Baird were originally from Scotland and boasted of a Baird Clan Plaid. There each clan or the descendants of the same progenitor, had a plaid designed for them in a particular pattern. Boastfully or apologetically, they say the lineage can be traced back to the house of Stuarts. On the other side, the famed Rudolph Hess, is thought to be our very, very distant cousin (p 9).
Later the family moved to Ducanon, Ireland and from there to America

In her book, Maude Cole says that there were no candles available so her grandmother, Rachel, had an iron teapot that was filled with bear grease. They stuck a wick into the spout and lit it. (p 10).

She tells of the time her Grandmother Rachel was home with only the children when a huge bear tried to force its way into the house. Rachel took a large kettle of hot lye mixture she was using to make soap and fought the bear off with that (p 11).
They lived in a log cabin until 1850 when Benjamin sold off some of his land claim and built a large frame house on the remainder. Ezra and his family lived there until they went west in 1906 (AWAY BACK WHEN by Maude E. Cole).

These stories happened while the Baird family was living in Pennsylvania.

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