Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just thinking

Well, the history for the day shows John Wilkes Booth as the subject. Makes me think of Aunt Dinah and all the work she has done in Maryland with the preservation of the Booth home. She's put a lot of time and energy into the project, and I admire her for all her hard work. WTG Dinah.

We left Saturday morning and went to Tyrone, OK to visit with Al's two sisters who live there. We stayed at Maryjanes and visited at Judy's. Judy had a houseful of company, neices and their families who we hadn't seen in years. It was nice to see them all even if I did have to ask them who they were because they had changed so much. There was a new baby there, Isabella. She's only a week or so old so I thoroughly enjoyed holding and cuddling her. I love babies. Right now there are no babies left in my immediate family, so I have to enjoy those of other relatives. Maryjane also has a new granddaughter that we hadn't seen. She's older and such a beautiful baby she is. She has gorgeous red hair and a smile that captures your attention immediately. She laughed and talked to me lots while I held her.

We picked up a third sister of Al's who lives close to us but was visiting at Judy's. She had gone down earlier to visit for Easter and we brought her back home with us. On the way home, we were all so tired we decided not to stop at another of Al's sister's on the way. Now I wish we would have stopped because there was another baby new to the family that we hadn't seen. Oh, well, we'll have to catch that one later.

Al comes from a big family. There were 6 boys and 6 girls for his parents to raise. Al was the 2nd and since he went into the Air Force for 20 years, the younger ones were pretty much grown up by the time he moved back to this area. Now that he's here, he enjoys so much visiting with all of them.

Oscar went with us. He stuck pretty close to Al the entire time. But when we went upstairs at bedtime, he wouldn't go up those stairs. They were pretty steep and narrow with carpeting on them and he was afraid of them, so we had to carry him up and down. I think of the three of us, Oscar was the most relieved to leave for home.

It's nice to go visiting, but it's even nicer to come back home. I slept well while I was gone, but still came home worn out. There's just nothing like Home, Sweet Home.

I hope that all of you had a Joyful Easter.

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