Wednesday, April 29, 2009

These grape hyacinth were growing all over the yard when Al and I got married. Over the years, we've managed to move most of them to a couple of different places where they are all together. They're such pretty, dainty little bulbs. I had baby lilies earlier that I didn't get a picture of. They came from Al's mother's garden years ago. My sister-in-law Vicky gave them to me.

The tulips are beautiful this year. I know, there is grass in them. Well, there was grass in them. After I took the pictures, I went to work getting rid of grass and weeds.

Some of the flowers that are blooming in my flower gardens right now. I had yellow and white daffodils, but I'm afraid I didn't get out to take pictures of them soon enough. They're about finished.

Al and I both enjoy gardening. He concentrates mostly on the vegetable garden but helps me out a lot with the flowers, too. He used to tease me when I started growing flowers, telling me that I had weeds growing that I needed to get rid of. Now he's as bad as I am about planting flowers. I think it's because all the ladies tell him how beautiful they are.

The vegetable garden is pretty much planted now. I'll have to take some pictures of it later on when it has a chance to grow. There isn't much to look at right now.

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Mary said...

I'll have to drive by sometime and see your pretty flowers.