Friday, January 2, 2009

Fun with Children

This will be a short blog, but I wanted to share with you something my daughter Jessica was just telling me and a few other "children" stories.

My grandson Hunter is having his birthday party on Sunday. He has a friend Bret whose mother is expecting a baby. Bret has been worried that he might miss Hunter's birthday party because he might have to go to the hospital to get his mother and new baby.

I can just see the brightness in his eyes as he came up with the perfect solution:

"Wait a minute!" he said. "Don't they deliver babies?"

When Jessica was about 3 years old, we lived in Wichita. To make the basement in our house more comfortable for the kids to play in, I began to piece together a rug using rug samples that I could get for $1.00 each at a neighborhood carpet store. This was their way of getting rid of the old samples. I had gone there several times and Jessica had gone with me each time. Each time the lady in the store always told me what a beautiful, nice little girl I had. Well, the last time that we visited the store she began with her usual praises of Jessica and leaned over her as she was praising her. Jessica doubled her fist and hit her smack on the nose, knocking her glasses to the floor. I'm sure glad that I didn't need any more carpet pieces.

One day when Matthew was riding in our shopping cart at the grocery store, we met a very heavy woman in the aisle. Matthew, only around 4 at the time, reached out and swatted her on the rear as she passed. Imagine my embarrassment when she quickly turned toward us with a look of anger on her face. What can you say? "I'm sorry, my son did it."

If any of you have some cute stores, send them to me and I'll post them on the blog, with your permission.

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