Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Squirrels In The Attic!

I was just reading Mary's Traveling Hammer blog from last November. It's about a bird in her attic. It reminded me of when I lived in a rented house in Brewster, KS.

We had trouble with squirrels getting into our attic. We could hear them scampering across our ceiling and making funny little noises at all times of the day and night. We told the people who owned the house that there were squirrels in the attic, and they dutifully came to rid us of the cute little pests. They trapped them, alive, I might add, and carried them off to the country hoping that our problem was resolved.

Well, it wasn't. Not long after that, they either found their way back "home", or another batch of squirrels found a new home. Who knows which it was! Anyway, one day my husband Al came home from work. I wasn't there. When he went in the house, there was this squirrel who panicked when he saw a human entering "his" territory. He took off running and jumping all over the house. Al propped the door open, grabbed a broom and took off after the squirrel. Now, just imagine a 6' 1" man, 325 lbs. running around the house with a broom, trying to get a squirrel to go to the door. I wish I could have seen it. Eventually, he did get the squirrel to go out the door.

Al never mentioned to me that there had been a squirrel in the house until I began to notice things really out of place and a Heritage Indian figurine that was broken (a gift from my parents). When I asked him if he knew how it got broken and why the curtains were askew he told me about the chase with the squirrel. Al said that darn squirrel was on top of the cabinets, over the furniture, up on the curtain rods and must have hit the figurine while it was running around.

The owners caught the squirrels again, and we acquired new squirrels again (or the same ones came home). When we moved out of the house, we moved our china cabinet, and guess what we found behind it! No, not a squirrel, but a huge hole in the wall where the squirrels had tried to get into the house once again.

Didn't take me long to contact the owners so that they knew there was a hole made by the squirrels. I sure didn't want to be responsible for replacing a wall because of the squirrels in our attic.


Mary said...

WOW, Vonita! You are really taking off on this. Good stories.

Aunt Dinah said...

My goodness! Wonder why those squirrels were so determined to get inside your house? One of my friends lived in a house where they had recurring problems with bats getting inside. She is terrified of bats. However, I'm not sure which came first--her fear of bats or the bats infesting her house. Even seeing a picture of a bat terrifies her.