Saturday, January 3, 2009

Grandma Smarty Sez. Now where would a name like Grandma Smarty come from?

When my daughter Julie was beginning to talk, she had a favorite book that we often read. The name of the book was Artie the Smarty. We would go to see her Great grandmother Artie and tell her that this is Grandma Artie. Julie began to call her Grandma Smarty and the name stuck, at least on our side of the family.

The name Grandma Smarty seemed quite appropriate because Grandma was a very intelligent woman. She was someone we could go to with confidence and faith and tell our problems to her. She either gave us advice, or led us in the direction of finding the right answers. Grandma was non-judgmental and accepted each of us just as we were. She was kind, caring and loving, and children were very special in her life.

I didn't choose the title Grandma Smarty Sez for her column; she did. I think she rather enjoyed hearing the little ones call her Grandma Smarty.

Five Generations
Grandma Smarty holding Zeb
Granddaughter Vonita
Son Jack
Great Granddaughter Julie, who
gave her the name
Grandma Smarty

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Aunt Dinah said...

Thanks for sharing the story of how Grandma Faber became Grandma Smarty. I'll have to save a copy for my family history files.