Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Word of Warning!

In my first post, I talked about the book Mago's Dream written by Ilchi Lee. While the book itself held great meaning for me, I strongly advise people not to follow Lee's classes on Dahn Yoga. Much of what he tells us in his biography has not been true and up front. Many people have reported that by joining Dahn Yoga, you are exposed to high tech sales and a cult-like experience, bringing you into it's circle and excluding it's teacher's from their own families by transferring their teachers every six months and often sending them to other countries without their families. Members are also encouraged to sign contracts with the "business" for an unreasonable length of time.

In the book Mago's Dream, Lee, at the end of the book, talks about us being a materialistic society. He also talks about recruiting up to 100 million "earth-humans" to promote his program of peace and spirituality. It sounds to me like he believes we should give up material things in return for spirituality and peace, yet he is feeding his own materialistic hunger with the money his followers are willing to give up. He also has a Declaration of Humanity, written in June 2001, that he encourages people to sign. This Declaration states that the person signing it declares to be a spiritual being, a human being, a child of the earth, a healer, a protector and an activist. All through the book, Lee had sounded supportive of all religions. Towards the end, his tone did change so that I felt he was saying all religions were comparable to a prison, filled with ideological dogma that the people never use. At this point, I can see where Lee has a dream of a cult-like society, combining all people in unity, giving up material goods for the sake of the cause, giving up their religion for the sake of the group, and giving up their individuality.

The mind is an amazing part of our being. I am sure that we do not utilize the mind as much as we can. Caution should always be taken to avoid mind control by someone else whether it be a cult leader, an abusive parent or spouse or anyone else who tends to dominate others. We should keep control of our own minds, weigh both sides of information before we accept it and use our minds for the good of all.

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Aunt Dinah said...

I agree it's very important that people think for themselves and avoid being caught up in mind games with other people.