Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Oscar, our weiner dog, had a traumatic experience not long after we got him. We have a basement with an outside entrance. I keep odds and ends and all of my garden canning and supplies in the basement to make more room upstairs for other things. One day I went down to get some canned goods to take upstairs. Unbeknown to me, Oscar followed me into the basement. I grabbed what I wanted and headed back upstairs. Oscar wasn't in the house and I thought he probably was outside running around, so I didn't worry about him. After that I totally forgot about Oscar. He loves to be outside and often lays outside taking in the sunshine. Several hours later I heard Oscar cry out. I went to the door, but no Oscar. I went outside and searched all the buildings and areas where he liked to hang out, but no Oscar. I couldn't hear him crying outside, but every time I went inside, I could hear his cry. Suddenly, it dawned on me. Oscar got shut in the basement! I hurried outside, opened the basement door and Oscar came running out and immediatly wanted in the house.

Poor dog. He won't even consider going into the basement now. The bad thing about the situation is that here in Kansas, we have tornados. And where do you go when there is a tornado warning? The basement. And how do you get your dog into the basement? Well, since it's Oscar, I have to carry him while he trimbles at the thought of going into that deep, dark dungeon.

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Aunt Dinah said...

Thanks for sharing this story again. Poor, POOR Oscar!