Monday, January 26, 2009


Today in Northwest Kansas, it's cold. At 10:50 am, the temperature is 8 degrees F. There is a very light snow falling. We need some moisture and I wouldn't mind seeing it continue to snow, but oh, is it cold.

I just found a couple of books laying around that I haven't read yet. Maybe I'll give them a try later today. In the meantime, I got out my card table and a jigsaw puzzle to help pass the time away. When the weather is like this, all I want to do is eat and sleep, and I don't need to do either.

When I was a young mother and lived in Colby, I used to bundle up the babies and go visit my Aunt Kathleen. One of the really neat things I remember about visiting her is that she always seemed to have a jigsaw puzzle in progress. She kept it on her table, and when she wasn't working on it, she would cover it with an oil cloth so the table was never really "out of service" because of the puzzle. I enjoyed very much sitting with her, talking and working on the jigsaw puzzle.

It's days like these that I wish that I were closer to my own family. It gets so lonesome when you just can't or don't get out and around. If I lived in Brewster, some of my grandkids would most likely stop in to see me often. I could bake cookies and goodies for them and just enjoy seeing them more than I'm able to here. Mom and Dad would be right there to visit, and so would my sister Jackie. She likes jigsaw's, too.

None of that is likely to happen right now so I guess I'll finish separating the edge pieces in the puzzle and start putting it together. While I do that, I'll think of Aunt Kathleen.


Aunt Dinah said...

Oh, Vonita, you're making me so homesick! Living in MD, I really miss all the things you wrote about in this blog. I've always wondered if you'd move back to Brewster some day. This blog makes me think there's a good chance you will. Kathleen phoned last night, and we talked for quite a while. She's such a wonderful big sister. I feel very blessed to have her! I'm also thankful for my big brother as well. We don't communicate often, but it's a comfort to know he's there.

Mary said...

Vonita, you read so much, maybe you want to add a bookshelf to your blog. I noticed one here at I might add one when I get the time to figure it out.