Monday, January 12, 2009


We have a weiner dog. His name is Oscar. My, talk about a spoiled dog, but he is very entertaining. Tonight I gave him a ham bone to take outside. We also have cats. Oscar went outside and spent quite a bit of time chewing on that bone. He finally decided it was too cold to stay out there any longer, so he asked to come in. I don't think he was inside more than 5 minutes when he wanted to go out again. He headed out the door, growled at the cats, chewed on his bone then asked to come back in. Now if the weather were warmer, he would take the bone a bury it somewhere out in the yard. During the summer, his favorite burial place is either Al's garden or my flower garden. Since the ground is frozen, he can't bury it so he leaves it sitting on the porch. After a few minutes, Oscar was at the door again wanting to go out. Then he wanted back in. I was getting pretty tired of letting him in and out, so when he asked in the last time, I'd let him out about 10 times, I grabbed the bone and set it on the floor beside his bed. Now he's happy. He can lay in his bed and watch his bone. He's not sleeping. He's sitting there watching that bone. Like I want to chew on it.

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Aunt Dinah said...

Dogs can be almost as funny as kids, can't they? Oscar's antics sound so cute. Didn't he accidentally get shut into your basement one time?